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Bookreviews C&N Gardens,
…. this is the end paragraph of a long review written by Carl Stuendel

“ And Lars is also an artist, a world traveler, and Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner.  And the context in which the healing occurs in The Copper Gate is informed, charged, and made possible by these.  It is a rich multi-dimensional universe;  a feminine field of energy is now present; magical realism, dream imagery, mythical themes and intermediate dimensions, time-travel, new-age and hermetic visualization techniques surprise and delight at every turn.
Enjoy this fantastical odyssey of what might be called a prelude to group enlightenment”


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Stories They Told Me
In the winters of 1981- 82 I worked off and on as a volunteer in the soup kitchen and periodic overnights in the shelter under the care of The Missionaries of Charity. My friend, the filmmaker Ann Petrie, who later made a documentary about Mother Teresa, introduced me to the sisters and once to Mother Teresa herself.

Some thirty years later, I found my notebook from these times. Each one of the five stories is essentially true and recollected from sketchy notes and later embellished on the loom of my imagination. The conversation between the five homeless men and myself following the stories is purely fictional.